Why is Argumentative Essay Writing Important?

A persuasive essay should not only inform students about the subject under study in college but also present their arguments for what they believe. It is because essay-writing can be highly demanding, costly, and very personal.

An argumentative argument is an argumentative essay where an individual views the idea being raised in a topic and follows it with facts or statements of support. It depends on the body of the paper. A case study is a lengthy document in which an individual quotes from other people’s sources using citations. An essayist takes various angles and attacks their viewpoints as set by other writers.

A case study is a medical research paper on a particular problem or experience. The research should establish the cause of the problem and why it is the problem that the writer is addressing. It also deals with the effectiveness of the chosen technique and challenges professional sources to find viable alternatives for their current or proposed solutions.


If you have already written the subject under study, ask the instructor why they can’t provide an introduction. These sections should be cited with a hook statement that summarizes the topic sentence’s focus, the speaker’s stand and supporting evidence of the claim.

Outline your information in two writing paper paragraphs. Your introduction should have a title sentence that summarizes the central points of your discussion. Include the main idea in your introduction. With the paper’s title, state, the reader should be introduced to the paper or meet your topic. That way, if your professor determines that your article is not persuasive, they custom paper writing will tailor the style. The title sentences add to the length of your essay.

Citation and citation systems are one of the methods of supporting your arguments. You have to cite each article when you write the case study. You should cite the cited citation system. When you have a strict citation order, the citations should follow the order provided by your school. Once you cite, keep repeating the material without changing from another person. If you are not confident about the sources, only cite the sources cited from your choice. Ensure that the materials you cite are relevant and consistently cited.

On the other hand, a case study’s introduction should show the reader that the topic discussed by the writer is significant. All this proves to the reader that the intended said topic is significant enough to warrant citations. If the source is not explicit, avoid citing the previous ones in the same paragraph. For instance, you can forget to mention the authors’ name, their name and abstract, and your strongest argument.