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Interval training – the best choice for losing weight

Modern interval training for weight loss is a whole world with its own laws and rules. Initially, “intervals” did not appear for lovers. So athletes-athletes improved their stamina. Today, in modern life, when only 20 minutes of the morning remain – HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Tabata, interval cardio and various types of cyclic strength training are in great demand.

interval cardio training

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All these little abstruse words mean only one thing – you can really be slim and fit, without spending more than 12-30 minutes a day on fitness alcohol and bodybuilding classes. After all, this kind of training is recommended for those who want to lose weight. And, unlike the million “magic pants”, it really works.

Why interval workouts for burning fat work

What just do not write on this topic. Usually we meet the following options:

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the alternation of fast and slow work helps speed up metabolism;

the intervals of strength exercises “in the middle” of cardiovascular exercise contribute to a better pumping of muscles;

with the interval style of work, energy is drawn only from fat deposits, and the liver and muscle glycogen is not consumed, so it does not matter what we eat, if only we are engaged in this style.

each strength exercise

In fact, the interval training method helps to solve the main problem of the fitness lover – low calorie consumption during a low-intensity session. When we, for example, are engaged in walking, the body requires less energy than when running. It is enough to alternate the minutes of walking with at least seconds of running, and we will burn more calories in the same half hour that we are accustomed to devoting to a simple “level” workout. A similar option is instead of doing a squatting with a barbell instead of doing a squat with one barbell squat, and the energy consumption will increase.

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The metabolic response, or the amount of energy that is spent after exercise, in interval training is indeed higher than that of equal training. However, it is not given to anyone how much your exchange will accelerate. Strictly speaking, you will not be interested in this as soon as you see the first results. After all, usually “intervals” in addition to the average calorie diet is enough to win over About natural bodybuilding – Pecan Shed of Wichita Falls weight. The quality of the “pumping” of muscles depends, rather, on the correctness of the technique, and not on the style of training, but it is really possible to achieve direct fat loss during such training. Only for this you should tune in to serious work.

Interval training at home

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Who and when to start

First of all, interval training is not intended for absolute beginners. By the time you master them, you should:

be able to perform basic exercises – squat, push-ups, direct twisting on the press, deadlift, lunges, pulling up (possible with compensation, pulling up with legs resting on a parallel arm);

interval cardio training

systematically perform strength exercises at least 3 times a week for 3-4 months;

“Recruit” 120 minutes of cardio exercise per week.

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This is not a niggle – at the initial stage of training, even simple exercises and “even” cardio will give a good fat burning effect. Early enthusiasm for high-intensity interval training is the shortest way to “stop” weight. Add an interval method is only after the first “plateau” in a long-term weight loss, or after 3-4 months of work on any fat burning program.

What is required

Strength training equipment that you use and any cardiovascular equipment or even a regular track in the park.

Start training

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It is necessary to enter the world of intervals gradually.

1 month – we leave the power exercises “as it was”, we are working on the technique. We add interval cardio training 2 times a week – a day free from strength training.

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An example of interval training and its design

Equipment: heart rate monitor, any cardiovascular device, except the health disk. If you take a mini-stepper, do “fast” intervals just by jumping on the floor.

To begin, focus on the total time of not more than 20 minutes. Advanced cardio lovers can slightly lengthen the workout, adding 10-15 minutes of smooth Introduction to Natural Bodybuilding – Big 4 Lax movement on the heart rate 50-60% of the maximum heart rate at the beginning of the workout.

The first 5 minutes from the start we are moving quietly, the goal is to increase the pulse to 50% of the HR-max.

Then we begin to split the intervals. If you are in good shape and you do not have a medical ban on cardiovascular training in high-intensity mode, alternate 30 second accelerations at the limit of your capabilities with the quiet work of such a “length” that will be needed for the pulse to go back to 50% of HR-max. . In this case, the rest time should not be less than 1 minute, and you should not stop completely. Work like this for 10 minutes and go to a five-minute hitch, gradually slowing down.

If the form still leaves much to be desired, and you just can not do peak acceleration, you need to alternate 1-2 minutes of work at a pace with 3-4 minutes of rest. In any case, you are not obliged to make all your cardio interval – you can add 40-60 minutes of even work per week per day of rest as desired.

2 month – transform strength training. This month you have to do only 4 times a week. Strength training organize on the principle of high-intensity interval training. Leave 1 exercise for each muscle group and perform it for 1 minute at a fast pace. After each strength exercise, insert 30 seconds of work in a cardiovascular machine with very high intensity and 3 minutes of slow work. As a result, at home, HIIT will look like “1 minute of exercise – 30 seconds of cardio-rhythms – 3 minutes of calm cardio — 1 minute of the next exercise.” Perform your usual interval cardio training a day after the HIIT day.

3 month – if you feel strong, organize training on the Tabata system for weight loss. Perform each strength exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Perform 8 cycles of each strength exercise in this mode. Tabata exercises should be simple – it can be the same movements that you did at the very beginning of your workouts, for example, squatting without burdening, direct twisting and pushing up from the floor. The main thing is the regime. There are other tabs for weight loss 40/20, 60/30, but the first option is most comfortable to use. Remember that no other interval workouts are combined with the Tabata Slimming System. Just do tabatu every other day, adding even cardio at will on days of rest. For such training in the network are available in the free access timers tabata.

After a three-month cycle of the “young interval fighter”, you can return trenbol 100 to your “even” training, systematically practice more difficult intervals, or even … change the training goal, because most people have time to lose weight to normal during this time, and then work on certain zones.

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