How to excite a man quickly what sexual activities give rise to men How to restore the potency: the best ways to start a man and return his male power
Can a woman help a man regain his masculine power and how to restore potency – we will learn the best methods, after which it will be easy and simple to have a loved one

Women’s help to a man stanoprime: how to restore the potency of a loved one

Impotence or erectile Testosterone Propionate side effects dysfunction – a violation of the physiological function of the penis, when during sexual arousal does not occur erection. Impotence is usually observed in older men when natural changes occur in the body. But, regardless of age, you can understand how to restore the potency, knowing the causes of its violation.

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  • Why does impotence occur?
  • How to restore an erection
  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy and Apparatus Therapy
  • Folk methods
  • Useful video: How to restore potency
  • Conclusion

Why does impotence occur?

Impotence may appear temporarily due to stress and feelings, or the man becomes

In the first case, the restoration of male power is possible without the use of special drugs, and it is enough to normalize the psychological state.

If pathologies are the cause, then the quick return of potency will not work, you need to take special means to increase libido and normalize hormonal levels.

The probable causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Psychological factor. At a young age, weak potency can be attributed to severe stress or constant nerve overstrain. In this case, you need treatment by a psychotherapist or a good rest. It is necessary to work on probable fears and complexes.
  2. Hormonal imbalance. Erectile dysfunction is possible against the background of insufficient testosterone production, the main steroid hormone, which is responsible for the health of the prostate gland and the possibility of sexual intercourse. More often, this type of disorder is observed in older men, which is taken as the norm, but at any age, with normal testosterone production, a good erection is possible.
  3. Vascular pathology. The cause of the violation can be hidden in insufficient blood flow to the penis due to the pathological narrowing of the vessels. The probability of a violation increases with elevated cholesterol, the presence of atherosclerosis and against the background of other pathologies of the cardiovascular system.
  4. Neurogenic abnormalities. Erectile dysfunction of such a genesis is possible with spinal injuries when the spinal cord is damaged and the transmission of nerve impulses is disturbed. This problem is often observed after suffering a stroke.
  5. Iatrogenic factors. Problems with erection can occur with long-term medication for the treatment of serious pathologies. But in most cases, the potency is restored after the withdrawal of drugs and the course of therapy.

Other possible causes can be identified venereal diseases. STDs cause a narrowing of the urethra, which can even cause infertility.

Important! Men who are often exposed to the scrotum to high temperatures are at risk.

This is possible with frequent visits to baths, saunas. Also, men are not recommended to take a hot bath often, as overheating of the scrotum becomes a factor in the death of sperm and impaired erectile function.

How to restore an erection

Psychogenic impotence is characterized by a sudden onset, a periodic decrease in potency, the presence of a stress factor, the preservation of penis tension when sexual intercourse has already begun, and the presence of night and morning erections.

When psychogenic deviation treatment is the normalization of the psychological state. Medicines are not required, but may be prescribed by a doctor to further stimulate an erection.

Organic dysfunction requires complex treatment. First, a series of surveys is conducted to confirm the presence of such a deviation, and to identify risk factors.

To restore potency in men, treatment may include the following measures:

  • medication, PDE5 inhibitors, which give only a short-term effect – Viagra, Cialis, Dynamic;
  • taking drugs based on herbal ingredients that contain ginseng, eurekom;
  • injection into the urethra;
  • Massage to stimulate blood flow to the pelvic organs;
  • psychotherapy;
  • vacuum effect on the penis with the ineffectiveness of drugs;
  • an operation aimed at increasing blood flow.

Surgical intervention is performed in extreme cases when other methods fail. If the operation turned out to be ineffective, consider the liothyronine bodybuilding option of restoring potency, as prosthetics, that is, the installation of an implant in the penis.


The following are medications to restore potency:

  • quick and short-acting drugs – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra;
  • natural drugs that increase libido, give effect only after undergoing a course of treatment – Impaza, Inforte, Laveron, they belong either to homeopathic remedies or to dietary supplements;
  • natural stimulants – eleutherococcus, golden root, ginseng, the result is visible with prolonged use;
  • Papaverine, prostaglandin, edeks for injection directly into the penis, which temporarily restores potency.

To quickly restore male power, you should use such well-known stimulants such as Viagra, Cialis. They have many analogues, because a man can always choose for himself a suitable tool.

For the treatment of impotence, so that you do not have to resort to erection stimulants every time, you will need a long course of taking herbal preparations. To regain male power, a doctor may prescribe hormone therapy. Additionally, you can try the local means – ointment Maxoderm, Eromax, candles Gemoprost, prostaglandin E1, Muse.

Features of drugs to restore male potency:

  • Viagra is the most well-known remedy for restoring erection, it should be taken one hour before sexual intercourse, however, the drug often leads to adverse reactions, because many men choose its safe counterparts;
  • Cialis – the effect is similar to the reception of Viagra, but the remedy works for a longer time, its advantage will be the preservation of the effect when combined with alcoholic beverages;
  • Levitra is distinguished by high safety, since it does not contain hormonal components and does not cause addiction, the drug restores an erection in a short period without harm to health.

Tablets can be part of therapy for various diseases of the genitourinary system.

Inforte, as a natural stimulant, refers to dietary supplements. The course of taking the funds helps to improve blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Contains ginseng extract, hot pot, which are good stimulants of potency. Can not be taken with hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Laverone also refers to dietary supplements to restore male power. The tool has a completely vegetable origin. Taking pills does not change the hormones and the functions of the reproductive system. It is recommended to take the drug shortly before sexual intercourse, the effect lasts up to 7 hours.

Physiotherapy and Apparatus Therapy

The main apparatus treatment method for impotence is vacuum massage. From physiotherapeutic procedures, electrostimulation, UHF, ozone therapy, SMT therapy, ultrasound therapy, mud baths can be used.

Vacuum exposure involves increasing blood flow to the penis by creating a vacuum around it. During the procedure, there is an active diffusion of oxygen, the supply of nutrients, improved trophism and oxygenation. Accompanied by this persistent erection.

Other non-therapeutic therapies can be:

  • acupuncture;
  • phytotherapy;
  • osteopathy;
  • manual therapy;
  • physiological methods of regulatory medicine;
  • homotoxicology.

Physiotherapy methods aimed at vasodilation and blood flow activation show good efficacy – these are LOD-therapy, SMT-therapy and hyperthermomagnetic therapy of the prostate.

Folk methods

You can try to return the potency by applying popular methods. Prescriptions for alternative medicine may include medicinal ingredients and natural aphrodisiacs – ginseng root, psoralea fruits oxydrolone, rhizomes of dioscorea, licorice root.

With impotence, you can try the following remedies:

  • Ginger tea – useful for the whole body, an improvement in potency can be observed within a week after daily intake of the drink;
  • tincture of ginseng – root insists on alcohol or vodka during the day, taken by the glass before meals;
  • decoction of celery root – the roots are filled with boiled water, infused for 5-6 hours, taken in a tablespoon before meals;
  • walnuts – you can eat them in pure form or prepare tinctures, adding honey and other useful ingredients, it is recommended to eat several nuts every day.

Note! Conducting treatment at home, a man is important to enlist the support of his wife or girlfriend.

This will help eliminate the psycho-emotional factor of the disorder. A woman can help a man with impotence, if she does not begin to mock the violation, but will in every way support her husband on the way to solving the problem.

Attempts to arouse will not succeed if organic disturbances are the cause of dysfunction. It is not necessary to take on a personal account, because the man is experiencing sexual arousal, but has a persistent violation, which is why an erection does not occur.

The wife is able to help the man in terms of his visit to the doctor, because urologists with such a problem often come when the violation significantly interferes with living. Timely visit to the doctor allows you to quickly eliminate the negative factor and in a short time to return the normal potency. A woman can talk with her beloved, carefully leading to the fact that there is a threat without medical assistance, and you need to be examined.

Useful video: How to restore potency


Many young guys and older men for a long time do not go to the doctor for various reasons. Someone considers impotence shameful, someone is trying to cope with it independently. However, such a disorder should be treated, because without the help of a specialist, the likelihood of consequences in the form of psychological problems and physiological abnormalities is high. With a decrease in potency should make an appointment with a urologist.