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Magic diet pill trenbolon kaufen – many dream about it. And I must say, this dream, albeit not fully, became a reality. Hundreds of supplements, which have become an integral part of sports nutrition, promise us weight loss due to fat burning. Should we believe such assurances of manufacturers? We asked adaptol our experts about this.

Immediately make a reservation, it is necessary to distinguish drugs that help to lose weight and those that accelerate the burning of fat reserves. “In particular, there is a group of drugs, all kinds of laxatives and diuretics, which, due to the diuretic effect, simply remove excess water from the body along with beneficial minerals,” says Katya Tsvetova, a health coach, fitness specialist in nutrition, a sportswoman in the category of fitness bikini. – Such drugs have nothing to do with fat burning. And no doctor will recommend them for the purpose of losing weight. ”

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But the other two groups of so-called fat burners in sports nutrition – thermogenics and lipotropics – if used correctly, can provide good support to all slimming.

Who is advised to take Steroids for people who are professionally involved in sports, in principle, they are not recommended to indulge in fat burners in sports nutrition. “I myself do not use such supplements even when preparing for professional bodybuilding competitions,” says Katya Tsvetova. – And for people who want to lose weight and are at a stage when healthy habits are just beginning to form, no Steroids are required at all. They will be able to lose weight without additional stimulants by reducing calories and improving the quality of the diet, as well as adding physical activity. ”

But if such drugs are manufactured and recommended by sports doctors, it means that they can still benefit someone. First of all, those who consistently take off their weight for a long time and suddenly faced with the effect of the plateau when the weight loss stopped. In this case, for weight loss Steroids for women and men will play an important role – they will restart the process of losing weight.

Steroids for weight loss are also recommended for women and men if they have been training hard at the gym for a long time. In this way, it will be possible to stimulate the central nervous system, which is tired of stress. In any case, before you buy this or that supplement, you need to consult with your doctor.

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Steroids – lipotropikiSay in truth, these drugs to fat burners for women and men can be attributed very conditionally. “Lipotropics alone do not stimulate the breakdown of fat, they only deliver fat molecules to the muscles where they are used as fuel,” says Alexey Konevoy, PhD, biotechnologist. “This group includes supplements with L-carnitine, an amino acid that is recommended to be used by trainers and sports doctors.”

Steroids How It Works AnySports Magazine

Obviously, it is necessary to combine the intake of fat burners for women and men with this active ingredient and sports. After all, fat burning in muscles occurs only during their work. By the way, taking L-carnitine increases endurance during workouts and significantly increases the supply of oxygen to cells.

“According to many researchers, this drug is safe for humans and its surplus is easily removed from the body,” Katya Tsvetova adds. “However, I urge you to carefully read the instructions for any additives and take them strictly according to the scheme written there, in no case exceeding the dosage.”

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Thermogenic steroidsThe composition of these fat burners for women and men includes components that speed up the metabolism to some extent site, warm the body from the inside, artificially increasing its temperature. Active substances of thermogenic substances normalize peripheral blood circulation, improve microcirculation and lymph flow in tissues. It is thanks to this that all metabolic processes are accelerated.

All thermogenics can be attributed to the best fat burners, given the extent to which it is in principle appropriate to give such an assessment of ancillary drugs. They increase performance, stimulate the nervous system and suppress appetite. Still it is possible to include these Steroids in sports nutrition, but only to those people who train for a long time.

By the way, thermogenics – this is not “chemistry”, as many people think. The composition of these fat burners for women and men include substances of natural plant origin. The most popular drugs in America are based on the following substances:

– caffeine. Supplements with this substance greatly enhance performance. With a shortage of calories and sports, caffeine speeds up metabolism and, consequently, fat burning.

– green tea extract. “It is effective due to the high concentration of catechins, substances that increase the overall energy consumption during any physical work,” says Alexei Konevoy. “Moreover, Steroids for women and men with catechins in combination with moderate exercise help to quickly get rid of visceral fat.”

– synephrine. A substance derived from the fruit of a bitter orange, which by its properties is similar to banned in many countries, ephedrine and, thus, does not have such a number of side effects. “Synefrin blocks receptors that inhibit the splitting of fats,” says Alexei Konevoy. “This substance is a fairly strong stimulant in itself and is one of the best fat burners, so it is not recommended to combine it with other drugs.”

Despite the fact that the active substances described above are considered safe, in some cases they can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems. “You can’t“ sit ”on thermodzhenics all the time, – notes Katya Tsvetova. “You need to observe periodization, otherwise you can just ruin your natural metabolism.”

You need to understand that for men and women Steroids for weight loss is not a panacea, as well as any other sports supplements. This is only a supplement to regular exercise and nutrition. Any effective and approved drugs for burning fat only work with high energy consumption and reduced caloric intake.

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